Some Testimonials…

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy the movie “Jersey Boys” at The Maven Room. The private theatre was very comfortable and we were in a small group. The sound and atmosphere was amazing and the whole experience was far greater than Gold Class at regular theatres. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone. A fantastic night — thanks Al! Anne B (Perth)
I had a fantastic movie night with my friends at The Maven Room. Great venue and sound. Allan made us feel very welcome (even making the popcorn!!) Best place to have a movie night with friends or family. Intimate space — cinema quality. Amy T (Melbourne)
The Maven Room is a private and intimate theatre in Burwood (Vic). It is extremely comfortable, with all sorts of potential for different types of show casing and entertainment. I can see this theatre being extremely suitable for businesses to use for their clients and staff for promotional activities, and for staff training. The atmosphere is personal and comfortable. The screen is a perfect size for all types of films or workshops for sales and advertising personally to companies with private clients who need an intimate setting for doing business. Recently, my wife and I watched "Jersey Boys". There was room for several of us and quite a few more if needed. For entertainment and for business, this theatre is perfect for all. My wife and I had a great evening in comfort and enjoyment and absolutely recommend this venue for a business presentation or simply a night with a small group at the movies. John B (Perth)
Watching a movie at the Maven Room is definitely an unique experience. Not only is the space feel like a mini cinema with very comfortable seats, the picture quality and surround sound is of a high standard. There is an intimate atmosphere which is enhanced by warm colours and subtle lighting. The space provides the perfect choice for a celebratory gathering, a movie night, or a video presentation/lecture. Highly recommended!Len V (Melbourne)